Yes, I Like To Write.

Hey there! You, yes you! Welcome to my blog. If you are reading this, it probably is because you accidentally stumbled upon it, or maybe you were refered to it by a friend, which I hope is the case. Either way, I am glad you are here, and I hope you stay and read until the end of this post. I am sure you are going to find yourself interested in some of the things I have to say and share, and hopefully find yourself coming back every week for a little more of Six Dresses And A Tux.

So… Where do I start? I guess I could just go on and on about how I started this blog because of how in love I am with writing, but thats kind of obvious isn’t it? Is there a single person out there that would start a blog for fun and write everyday if they did not like it? I think not. Unless it was for homework, of course. But lets get back on track. I decided to start this blog because I honestly think I have a lot to say. I had a pretty interesting childhood, not to use another word. I grew up with my mom, my dad and my 4 younger sisters in Panama City, Panama. I am sure you guys would not believe some of the stories I have to tell you, but at the same time, I think you are going to be able to relate to a lot of them. And that is my goal. To entertain you and share with you a little piece of my amazing life, but at the same time be able to connect with each and every one of you. I want to share the good, bad, fun, sad, and even the unbearable times with you. My life was, and still is, very interesting. There was really never a dull moment. With five girls under the age of 18 in the house running around, screaming, fighting, laughing and playing, it really could not get any crazier. Until my parents got divorced and my middle-aged dad decided to have two more kids. (hence the Six Dresses And A Tux blog name.) But thats a story for another time. You are going to have to come back to get the scoop ;). I will be sharing pictures with you guys, and I think you are going to find them very adorable, fun, but most of all, entertaining.

Another reason I thought starting this blog would be a good idea has to do with T.V. shows. I bet a lot of you spend a big part of your day, more than you would want to, “netflix and chilling.” I know I do. I honestly think I´ve watched more tv shows than it is healthy. I have about a 100 different ones and counting. Yes, a 100. I know what you are thinking. That is such a waste of time right??? But I honestly do not see it that way. I do other things. I excercise (sometimes), I like to read, I spend time with my friends and family, but my shows are also a huge part of how I like to spend my time.

So yeah, I guess that’s all I have to say. At least for now. If you’ve made it this far into the post, I hope I have said some things that caught your attention and convinced you to come back for more. I think we are going to have fun. I know I am.



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