Dominique Danielle

Welcome to Dominique’s Introduction Post!

Dominique Danielle Roux Morgan is one of the twins and was born on May 14, 2003. She is incredibly competitive. She loves to win, and works very hard to achieve her goals. She is very determined and always gives it all in every single thing she does. Dominique has a very strong character and sometimes has a hard time when things do not go her way, but at the end of the day she understands that life just does not work that way. Dominique is a very sensitive girl. She absolutely LOVES her twin Tatiana, but does not like to admit it. She is super dependent on her, and refuses to leave her side, even though they fight all the time ;). Up until a few years ago she could not sleep if she wasn’t right next to Tatiana on the same bed. Dominique hates to be overlooked, and likes to be reminded of how much people love her. She is very sweet, kind hearted, and very lovable. Since she was a baby she has had this look that would not allow anyone to tell her no. So it is safe to say that she has a way of always getting what she wants.

Dominique was very young when our parents got divorced. Eventually my dad got married and a kid was on the way by 2014. She had a really hard time when my dad told us the news. Even though she had a twin, it always felt like she was the baby of the house and was used to all the cuddling and spoils of being the youngest child. But now, she was about to be a big sister and felt like her spotlight was being taken away. Little did she know, that she was going to be one of the best big sisters Emma could have asked for. As soon as Emma was born, all the worry dissapeared and she fell completely in love. In all honesty Dominique is actually Emma’s favorite. She is so good with her. I really admire her for that and I am very proud of how she handled that whole situation at such a young age.

My sister is actually one of the most talented people I know. She is obsessed with ballet, and I honestly think she was born to dance. If you have seen her dance before, you probably do too. She wins almost every competition she dances in, or gets recognized for her talent one way or another. Dominique is also a competitive horse rider. She loves to ride and is completely in love with her horses. She excels at this sport too. She is a truly a champion. A champion in dance, a champion in horseback riding, and a champion in life. I am positive she is going to go far and will accomplish anything she sets out to do.

Dominique LOVES taking pictures of herself. She could seriously go on all day as long as there is a camera in front of her. She loves clothes, makeup, shoes, and has a very cool sense of style for a 14-year-old. She loves to hang out with her friends, and its all about her social life. But, at the end of the day, there is nothing like family time for this girl. D also enjoys t.v. shows, tumbling and shopping.

A closer look at Dominique…





Performing the lead role at her recital.






So much love between these two!


I have always been very close to Dominique. She likes to be spoiled and honestly I like to spoil my sisters. So it is a perfect match! She really is such a loveable girl. She completes our lot in such a special way and we could not imagine our lives without her. I love her to death and I am very proud of everything she is. She is turning into such a beautiful young woman and I just can’t wait too see where this world takes her. I love you so much, Mini. You are so special in your own way. Never forget that, and keep shining.

So that is Dominique. As you can imagine, it was not hard at all finding pictures for this post ;).

If you want to follow up with Dominique, you can find her on her Instagram page: @dominiqueroux 


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