R. Max

IT’S A Boy!… Finally!

So, after the constant “It’s A Girl!”, door signs and pink rooms, we finally got the boy. Romulo Maximo was born on January 29, 2017. He is my dad’s second child from his second marriage and we call him Max for short. He was happily welcomed by his six older sisters. Yes, six. And yes, sisters. You could say he is probably the most spoiled baby boy ever born, and certainly the most awaited for.

He is the cutest little boy out there. I do not get to see him as much because I am in college, but when I do, he always brings a smile to my face. He LOVES his big sister Emma. He smiles at her every time he sees her, which I think is the cutest thing. He is just 9 months old, but he is growing up so fast and turning into a little man sooner that we expected. Time flies by.

Max is such an easy going, loveable, happy, and well-behaved baby. He loves to eat, chew on things, laugh, and is very advanced for his age. He almost never complains, even though Emma likes to smooch him and treats him like he is her personal little doll. He is going to be such a handsome boy when he grows up, and me and my sisters can’t wait to embarass him in front of his future girlfriends, even though we are going to be between 25 and 30 years old. But oh well, what are sisters for right??? So yeah, you might want to wish Max some luck! ;).

Here are some pictures of this handsome little guy.


Here is Max with her six older sisters. (Dominique, Gretel, Me (Michele), Princess Emma, Julianne, and Tatiana.) Such a lucky boy 🙂rmax2

Probably the cutest baby I have ever seen 🙂

image1 (3)

Princess Emma giving his new little brother a kiss.






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