Valley of Dolls

January 13, 2018

So… This week we headed to El Valle. We got there on Tuesday and left Friday. El Valle is very close to the city, (about a two hour drive), and it is known for their  beautiful climate, amazing culture, and of course, their camp. Me and my sisters enjoyed the camp as long as we could, but because of the age limit we had to stop going.

A lot of people that live in the city own houses there. Some people go every weekend, and some people just like to go the first or second week of January, depending on the camp dates. El Valle is located in the mountains, so the climate is not too hot which is awesome. A great opportunity to take a break from the constant humidity and penetrating sun of our beautiful city 🙂

Since we can’t go to the camp anymore, what we mostly do during the day is hang out with friends, go to the market, the coffeshop, and almost every afternoon we go up to Cerro La Cruz, which is a big mountain. Then, at night, there is always a party at someone’s house. The little kids have their parties, and the big kids have theirs.

El Valle is a really fun and nice place to visit. There is a lot to do, but at the same time is the perfect place to relax.



We enjoyed the sunset at El Cerro la Cruz while taking a few pictures.




Mommy 🙂





Best Friends!





A few snaps from the market courtesy of Julianne ;). If you have already visited, you  know you can get any type of Panamanian handmade souvenir here. If you haven’t, I urge you to do so! It is seriously awesome.


Julianne and our cousin Adrian hanging out.



Back to the city! :p

We had a great time at El Valle and can’t wait to be back.

Happy Saturday Friends!



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