They Say Talent Runs in The Family…

January 18, 2018

Hello guys!

So, this past Wednesday Gretel Alexa had the opportunity of singing in honor of Bruce Quinn. The event took place at the Union Club and all of our family was there to support her and Toto (our grandfather). She had two songs to perform. One by herself, and the other one with Toto, which is an amazing singer. Everyone that was singing at the venue had a lot of experience and a great voice. We were very nervous for her since this was the  very first time she was going to sing in a stage. I am sure she was too. She practiced a lot the weeks prior to the event with my grandfather and worked really hard on her voice. She ended up doing AMAZING. Every one was shocked at how good she sounded. Her voice was beautiful, she looked confident, and both performances were out of this world. I think the audience even teared up a little bit after seeing her and my grandfather perform together. It was a really special moment.

Here are some pictures from this memorable night.




Supportive sisters waiting for the show to begin 🙂


The stars of the show!


Bruce Quinn, Gretel, and Toto.


With the genius, and extremely talented, Bruce Quinn.


Saying congrats after the show. Tatiana, Me, Gretel, Toto, our mom, Julianne, and Dominique


Gretel with her two handsome grandparents!


Gretel times two. My mom was so proud of her. She could not stop crying!



Daddy with his girls.

The whole event was beautiful. Every single one of the artists did an amazing job. We really enjoyed ourselves. Seeing my sister up there singing her heart out and being so brave filled me up with pride and love.

Happy Thursday 🙂


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