The Heist / La Casa de Papel

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Hello Guys!

It is time for another TV Tuesday Review 🙂

Now I know I said I was going to do the first TV Reviews on my five favorite shows, but since then I have watched a show that has become very popular, known as “La Casa de Papel” or “The Heist.” This is a Spanish show, but can also be seen in English. (If you speak Spanish, I fully recommend watching it in that language.)

I have to say “The Heist” is blowing my mind. Right now there is only one season on Netflix, but Season 2 is already out in Spain, so I am guessing we are going to be able to get it soon. I have to say, and I am a little ashamed to admit, I have never been able to watch a show in Spanish, I just prefer them in English, I don’t know why. But I am happy to tell you that The Heist has completely opened my eyes. I started to watch it because a lot of people had told me about it, so I thought I might as well check it out. And I am SO glad I did. I couldn’t stop. I think I finished the first season in two days. Hehe.

Genre: Drama, Suspense

Main Cast:

Tokio: Úrsula Corberó

  • Fearless
  • Loyal
  • Has a lot of experience when it comes to robberies

Río: Miguel Herrán

  • Hopeless romantic
  • Youngest of the group
  • Computer genius

Nairobi: Alba Flores

  • Has good intentions
  • Funny and charming
  • Forger

Berlín: Pedro Alfonso

  • Does not have a good bone in his body
  • People person
  • Manipulator
  • Professional robber

Denver: Jaime Menéndez Lorente

  • Not too smart
  • Very charming
  • Always getting into fights

Moscú: Paco Tous

  • Oldest of the group
  • Loves his son (Denver)
  • Makes tunnels

Helsinki and Oslo

  • Brothers
  • Soldiers
  • Serbs

El Profesor: Álvaro Morte

  • Extremely smart
  • Seems harmless
  • Brains of the operation

Raquel: Itziar Ituño

  • Negotiator
  • All about her job
  • Troubled life

I am not going to say too much, since I do not want to risk spoiling it for you. But here are a few things you may want to know before you decide if this show is for you.

The Heist narrates the story of a man called The Professor, who recruits eight thieves to perform one of Spain’s biggest robberies. They plan on taking over “La Fabrica de Moneda y Timbre”, and coming out five days later with 2400 million euros. They claim they do not plan on stealing from other people, but instead making their own money and getting out without harming anyone. As you can imagine, not everything goes according to their plan.

It is unbelievable to see how The Professor manages the whole heist, and how he is always one step ahead of everyone. The amount of plot twists you will find on this show will shock you. The Heist will have you on the edge of your seat. If you are looking for a show that will leave you speechless, astonished, and always wanting more, you are not going to be disappointed. Every single episode will surprise you in some way, and you will not get bored. There is always something going on, either on the inside or the outside.

As the days pass, friendships are made, romantic feelings developed, and a family is formed. The criminals start to care for each other in a way they would not have imagined before going into the factory, and even though they are not what you would call “the good ones”, I can assure you: you will start caring about them too.

I love shows that keep me engaged and astounded, so I am really happy I decided to give it a try. I like to watch my shows either alone, or with friends. Depending on the genre really. But this is one that you are going to want to discuss with at least one more person, so I recommend watching it with someone. Or, if you decide you enjoy watching alone, make sure one of your friends or family members are watching it too so you can both talk about how shocked you are together.

My favorite thing about the show is probably the fact that the all characters have a different background, but they all come together and work as a team to try and accomplish something never seen before. Even if it is a crime.

If I had to pick something that I didn’t love about this show, it would probably be the fact that the second season is not on Netflix yet. But lets keep our fingers crossed and hope it comes soon.

The Heist is going to take you into a world full of thrill, danger, and excitement. So if you do decide to give it a try, I hope you like it as much as I do.

Happy Tuesday friends! 🙂



Ha llegado el momento para otra reseña!

Esta reseña va a cubrir un programa que últimamente esta muy popular, y que la verdad me lo empecé a ver y quede obsesionada. Es una serie Española, conocida como “La Casa de Papel.”

Este programa me ha dejado verdaderamente impactada. En este momento solo hay una temporada en Netflix, pero la segunda ya salió en España así que lo mas probable es que pronto tengamos acceso a ella. La verdad es que yo prefiero ver programas en Ingles, pero estoy tan feliz de haberle hecho caso a esas personas que me dijeron que viera la serie, porque quede fascinada. Creo que me termine la primera temporada en menos de dos días. Jeje.

(Los personajes principales y los actores los pueden ver arriba)

No voy a decir mucho porque no quiero arriesgarme a dañarles el programa. Aquí hay un par de cosas que pienso deberían saber antes de decidir si La Casa de Papel es para ustedes o no.

La Casa de Papel narra la historia de un señor al que llaman El Profesor, quien se encargar de recrutar a ocho brillantes criminales para llevar a cabo uno de los robos mas grandes vistos en España. El robo consiste en infiltrarse a la Fabrica de Moneda y Timbre, y salir con 2400 millones de Euros. Como ya se imaginan, no todo sale de acuerdo al plan.

Es increíble ver como El Profesor lleva a cabo el atraco, y como siempre esta un paso adelante de todo el mundo. La cantidad de giros de trama que van a encontrar en este programa los va a dejar con la boca abierta. Si están buscando una serie llena de acción, sorpresas y que los dejará queriendo mas, La Casa de Papel no los va a decepcionar. Siempre hay algo pasando ya sea dentro, o fuera de la fábrica.

Con el paso de los días, amistades son creadas, sentimientos románticos desarrollados, y una familia es formada. Los atracadores empiezan a preocuparse y quererse el uno al otro de una manera que jamás hubieran anticipado antes de entrar a la fabrica. Y aunque ellos son conocidos como “los malos”, estoy segura que muchos de ustedes también van a empezar a desarrollar cariño por esos ocho personajes.

A mi me encantan las series que me mantienen entretenida, así que la verdad es que estoy súper feliz de haber decidido darle un chance a La Casa de Papel. Por lo general yo disfruto ver programas sola, pero este recomiendo verlo acompañado simplemente porque van a querer discutirlo con alguien. Si no, si prefieren verlo solos, entonces asegúrense de que alguien de su familia o amigos lo este viendo también. De esta manera van a poder hablar con alguien de todos los sucesos ocurridos y las sorpresas con las que se van a encontrar.

Este programa los introducirá a un mundo lleno de impacto, peligro, y emoción. Así que si deciden darle una oportunidad, espero les guste tanto como a mi.

Feliz Martes! 🙂





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