Girls Trip to New York City

Welcome Back 🙂

Today I am sharing all the pictures from our weekend in New York City, some of the activities we did, and I will also share some of the restaurants we went to in case you find yourself in need of some recommendations. You will see different pictures of some of the food we ate and I will name every restaurant we went to and shows we attended in case you need any ideas for your next trip.

So lets begin…

Day 1 – Thursday

My mom and the twins left for New York City on Wednesday 28, and they arrived there late at night and went to sleep immediately. Gretel came from SCAD on Thursday and Julianne was with me (Michele) in D.C., so we got there on Thursday too. Julianne got there early but since I had to go to class I arrived around 7 at night.

sin mi

Missing me! Hahaha


Tatiana and Mommy having lunch at the Smith. They told me it was delicious!

As soon as I got in we headed to my aunt’s house (who lives in NYC) because she wanted to cook dinner for us. We got to see our cousins and hang out with them for a while which was awesome.

nyc 17

Here we are in their apt. putting stickers on their Panini album (just as every other kid in the world probably.)

nyc 1

Julianne with our aunt Juliette.

nyc 18

We then had dinner as a family. We ate pasta with bolognese sauce. It was delicious!

nyc 19

Here we are being silly 😉

nyc 20

nyc 21

Then this happened… One of my cousins from the Morgan side of the family called me and told me that he was in NYC and that if me and Gretel wanted to got out. We agreed and met up with some friends from Panama that were also visiting. As you can already tell, we first went to a speakeasy and then ended up at 1 Oak and had an amazing time.

Day 2 – Friday

nyc 22

The next day we had lunch at this amazing place called NOMO Kitchen in Soho. The place is beautiful and the food is AMAZING so I really encourage you to go try it out if you ever find yourself in NYC.

nyc 14

This is the cheese burger me and Gretel had, it was delicious.

nyc 13

This is the entrance of the place, and here is me and Gretel casually walking through it. This picture was not planned AT ALL 😉

nyc 34

Dominique had dessert, which she loved.

nyc 35

I took this pic from where our table was as we were leaving. Look at out pretty this place is!

nyc 3

We then walked to Cha Cha Matcha because Julianne wanted to try their Matcha Latte. For those of you who are wondering, it is basically powdered green tea. This place is really famous for their matcha products. There is always a line outside, but if you like matcha, its worth it.

nyc 4

Julianne got her latte and took this very aesthetic picture.

nyc 24

And I got some matcha ice cream. It was absolutely delicious.

nyc 37

Some of us loved it, but clearly some hated it. Here is Dominique in her failed attempt at trying the matcha ice cream. Her face says it all.


We then took a cab to the city and walked around and did a little shopping.


Here is me and Gretel fooling around in Sephora.

nyc 8

We just love this city 🙂

nyc 5

Later that night we had to go get ready for the Steve Cohen’s magic show. Here are Julianne and Dominique all dressed up and ready to go.

selfie mama y gretel

Ready for the show to start!

chamber magic

I personally LOVE magic. This is one the best magic shows I have ever seen. It was a very small audience which I think is just the right way to do a magic show. Every single person in the room could see the Cohen was going. It was very close up magic, which made it even better. He was not in a stage, he was standing just right in front of us. I really recommend this show to those of you who enjoy magicians.


This is actually the only pic I have of that night’s dinner after the show. We went to a restaurant that I had been wanting to go for a long time. The restaurant was Catch and it was absolutely everything I expected it to be. The only problem was that they did not have the famous dessert they are known for by the time we asked for it, so we instead went with this s’mores pizza, which was really good too.

Day 3 – Saturday

sarabeth selfie


sarabeths 1

nyc 36

On this day we went to brunch at Sarabeth’s. We go here almost every time we visit New York and it is absolutely a favorite of ours. We ordered some omelettes, pancakes, egg benedicts, and french toast. Everything was amazing.

nyc 26

Mommy and me.

fam 1

Girls wknd getaway!

nyc 33


nyc 16


nyc 6




(Tatiana did not take any alone pictures. Sigh)

nyc 9

nyc 15

nyc 7

After eating, we headed to Central Park for one of our memorable and honestly somewhat obnoxious photoshoots.


Behind the scenes!

fam 2

nyc 28

nyc 10

We then went shopping a little more. We went to Victoria’s Secret and Ulta Beauty. Let me tell you, Ulta Beauty is just like a Sephora, but is has a couple of really cool products that you can only find here. If you have the time, I recommend visiting.

nyc 30

nyc 29

After that we went for some Ice Cream to one of our favorite places, Emack and Bolio’s. They have the most incredible cones here, as you can see from these two pictures. I urge you to go try them!


nyc 32

That night, we went to see the Frozen Musical in Broadway! It just opened and I think these was one of the things we were the most excited about. I do not think I can explain how good this play was. The singing, the costumes, the scenography the special effects. Everything was on point. Probably the most amazing thing I have seen on Broadway. Without a doubt, my favorite. if you get the chance, go see this play!


We saw a gift shop as we were exiting the play and honestly HAD to get one of the Olafs they were selling. Hehe.

After this we went to have a late dinner at Serafina! It was a classic, but delicious. Perfect way to end our trip.

New York is absolutely one of our favorite cities to visit. We had the best time like we always do. The truth is this city never disappoints. I hope you find this post both entertaining and helpful at the same time.

Happy Wednesday 🙂

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