Beaver Fever

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Hello Friends!

This week, the Roux Morgan girls headed to Beaver Creek Mountain in Colorado!

The Morgan side of our family is a family of skiers. We hold a very special place in our hearts for Beaver Creek since we have been coming here to ski as a family every single year since our parents were kids. I personally have never missed a year. We love going and skiing as a family, eating at our favorite pizza place, drinking hot coco, eating chocolate chip cookies, going bowling, and simply spending some quality time with our big happy family.

This year, the trip was a little different for two reasons:

  1. We made the trip with our Roux side of the family. We had a lot of fun and loved being there with our Roux cousins, but it just felt a little weird, since it was I think the first year we do the trip without our Morgan cousins, and of course, my mom.
  2. Emma and Max came with us on the trip! This was Emma’s first time skiing, and even though she liked it a lot, I think her favorite part of the trip was going sledding on the snow.

So, all four families (there are a total of five families in our Roux Crew but one of them could not make it) packed, hopped on a plane, and made themselves to Beaver Creek. The big kids flew from their different colleges, and even my aunt and her kids who live in NYC came on the trip.

We had the best time. We went skiing every day, ice skated, went to relax on the jacuzzi, had dinner all together as a family (there were 24 of us), and overall had a really fun couple of days.

Here are some pictures that will hopefully help you feel like you went on this trip with us 🙂


Emma fell asleep on the car on the way home from the airport, so this is her at 12:00 a.m. asking for some Cheerios. She then made me read her stories until 2:00 a.m. 🙂



First Day of Skiing!






We went sledding afterwards and all of us had a lot of fun, not just the babies 😉


Here are Ivan (Gretel’s boyfriend, Dominique, Gretel, and Tatiana decompressing after a long day


Then we went to dinner as a family, it was delicious!


Here are the twins the next day in the process of getting ready for our second day of skiing


Emma ready to go skiing for the first time ever! We were all so excited for her!


Tati, Domi, Emma, and daddy going up the mountain


Gretel and Me (Michele), done for the day!

Later that night, Gretel, Tatiana, Dominique, and Emma went to the hotel’s indoor pool and the hot jacuzzi to relax.


Later that night, the WHOLE family went to dinner, and then the cousins gathered in one of the apartments to chat and play some games 🙂



Guess Who?


On this day, all the cousins and parents went skiing together. It was seriously the best.


Having lunch and taking a break on top of the mountain


Our uncle, Gabo, Adrian, Diego, Andres, and Me (Michele) separated from the group and went to look for some Double Diamond mountains to conquer. I can not express how tired we were when we took this picture.



Getting some refreshments after a very tiring day. Do not worry, everyone here is old enough.


As many of you might have imagined, we then had a photoshoot 🙂 🙂

I have to say being part of a such a big family is something I feel really grateful for. We have so much fun together and it really does feel like we are all best friends. I can’t complain. I absolutely love my family. Both of them. Going on family trips is always something I really look forward to, so I hope we have another one coming soon.

So that is it for today friends

Hope everyone had a good break!


Esta semana, las hermanas Roux Morgan viajaron a Beaver Creek, Colorado!

Nuestro lado Morgan de la familia le encanta esquiar. Beaver Creek es un lugar al que le tenemos mucho cariño ya que vamos todos los años a esquiar en familia. Yo tengo 20 años, y nunca me he perdido un año. Nos encanta ir y comer en nuestro lugar de pizza favorito, tomar chocolate caliente, comer galletitas de chocolate chip, ir a los bolos y simplemente pasar tiempo de calidad entre nosotros.

Este año, el viaje fue un poco diferente por dos razones diferentes:

  1. Hicimos el viaje con el lado Roux de nuestra familia. Nos divertimos muchísimo y nos encantó pasarlo con nuestro primos Roux, pero a la vez se sintió un poco raro ya que no teníamos a los Morgan ahí, y claro, a nuestra mamá.
  2. Emma y Max vinieron con nosotros al viaje! Esta fue la primera vez de Emma esquiando y la verdad que le encantó. Pero no tanto como ir a pasear en trineo, jajaja.

Así que nos fuimos las cuatro familias (somos cinco familias en total pero una no pudo ir). Los primos que estábamos en la universidad viajamos desde nuestros respectivos países, y hasta nuestros tíos y primos que viven en New York se apuntaron al viaje.

La verdad que la pasamos lo máximo. Esquiamos, fuimos a patinar, nos relajamos en el jacuzzi, tuvimos una cena familiar, y nos reímos sin parar.

Arriba les dejé algunas fotos para que se sientan que se vinieron con nosotros al viaje 🙂

Tengo que decir que ser parte de una familia tan grande es algo por lo que estoy eternamente agradecida. Disfrutamos tanto entre nosotros y la verdad que se siente como si fuéramos un grupo grande de mejores amigos. No me puedo quejar. Amo a mi familia. Viajar con ellos es algo que siempre espero con ansías, así que ojalá que hagamos otro viaje pronto.

Esto es todo por hoy chicos

Espero que hayan tenido un buen descanso!






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